Rally up Laconia HOG Touring Rally and Extra

Sunday June 2, 2024 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Several of us are signed up for the Laconia Rally, we plan on getting a lot of riding in, getting Harley state challenge coins. We plan on moving the trip an extra week so we can go up the coast to main and so on… More information on destinations to come

For now we have all our stuff booked for the laconia rally

go to this link to register for the Rally up Laconia HOG Touring Rally H.O.G. Rally Map (harley-davidson.com)

Then these are the Hotels we are staying at

June 3rd – June 4th – Laconia Motorcycle Week (hilton.com)

June 4th – June 5th – Rally UP Laconia (hilton.com)

June 5th – June 6th – we are going to take this day to go to Niagra Falls – we have rooms set aside so if you want to go on this trip reach out to samantha.williams7@gmail.com so that i can get your room – you will need your passport as well so we can go to the Canadian side.

June 6th – June 7th – Hotels in Albany, NY | Holiday Inn Express & Suites Albany Airport – Wolf Road (ihg.com)

June 7th – June 8th – New Hampshire Hotels in Rochester, NH | Holiday Inn Express & Suites Rochester (ihg.com)

More information to come on the rest of the trip and places we will be staying.

Few things we do have panned at this time is to visit the Harley Factory and Ground Zero – on top of Niagra Falls


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